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Your history of your dildo

You may be under the impression that dildos have only been created in the last decade but this is totally untrue. This tool was first introduced a few decades ago. The credit should go to the modern man and women, who thought of the idea to create penis shaped apparatus. Only later were electronics added to the dildos head which enable it to vibrate. This vibration does have an enormous effect on women when the head vibrates inside of her vagina. The inner wall of the vagina is extremely sensitive, not even to speak of the clitoral area.

Historians have noted that the first recorded phallus shaped dildos were used in ancient times. These historians discovered that the dildo d  was made out of leather, wood or some other material that do feel soft to the touch. If you were to look at very old cave sketches, you will note the dildo being used  in some way or another. Of course using these stone aged novelty toys of ancient times had to very unsafe for the users. They tend to unhygienic and crude which can hurt the user or users when its inserted inside the body. With all the technology of the 21st century you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself with these toys. These novelty toys were created to help you enjoy oneself sexually.  

As the first motorized were introduced, it was nothing more than a penis shaped plastic apparatus with a motor inside. In most cases the device had a rotating head. The tool was powered by massive batteries which made the toy rotate and vibrate. This vibration help the user achieve a sexual thrill. If you were to compare today’s dildos with yesteryear then we would have to agree that massive advancement has been made in the science sex toys. In comparison the older version toys is often quite crude. They sometime had very hard sharp edges that could hurt the user.

But of course with only a few different available  sex toys makers  out there, the user had no choice but to use these toys. Today you have thousands of different makes. They come in hundreds of different sizes and shapes. If you have a specific idea in mind how you would like your dildo to be, its almost an certainty that you would find that special toy just for you. For instance some dildos are now made from glass or steel, depending on your personal taste. In fact newer version of the dildo toy not only come with vibration but also with extras like dildos toy head that moves up and down. 


Adult Sex toys Online

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