Tips and Tricks using a strap-on Dildo

two headed dildoThe question must come up allot. Why use a strap-on? We will explain… The strap-on dildo is a man made device for both sexes. Both partners can use a strap on dildo to enhance their sex life. The strap on concept has become more and more trendy in the world of sextoys . Now couples can explore more new sensations and avenues in the bedroom than ever before.
If you thinking about buying a strap on dildo sex-toy then read the following information.

A strapon is a device that is attached to user’s body, normally at his or her groin/waist area. The user will then use the dildo as if it’s a male penis.
Some strap-on has extra options. For instance, a strap-on device designed for men to use on women, strap-on device with a extra device attached that vibrates, a strap-on device that have extra dildo attachment which include a butt-plug or clit stimulator.

Each strap-on is made for a specific group of user.
1.    The first strap on idea came from female to female partners. One female will use the dildo on her partner vagina or anus.
2.    A woman can now use a strap-on dildo on her male partner.
3.    If the women would like to experience double penetration, she can ask her male partner to use a strap-on her vagina and also place his penis inside her anus. The position would be reserved if you change your sexual position for example from doggy style to missionary.
4.    In some cases men use a strap on dildos if they have experience erectile dysfunction (impotence). He may not want to use a drug like Viagra or herbal alternatives, but still want to provide sexual satisfaction for his female partner. He can then use the strap on as a easy alternative.
The benefits of using a strap-on can be mammoth in terms of exploring new sensation and positions among men and women. For women that practice BDSM, she can use the device to explore the world of dominatrix. Using the strap-on she can now become sexually empowered.

When using a strap-on the first time you should remember to invest in lubrication. Also keep in mind like most things you start out slow as going over the top can hurt the users and receiver. Please keep in mind after using the dildo; you should clean the penetration device after each use.