Innovative Fleshlight Sex toy

male sleeveThe fleshlight is newest innovative sex toy on the market  today. Spesifically designed to give men the most realistic sexual experience ever created without a female partner. This toy is called the Fleshlight Masturbator. The fleshligth designed team designed this toy using soft material that gives you interesting sensations which you will never be able to replicate using your hands. The toy is made with the penis sleeve in mind. The difference of course is that skin feels exactly like a real vagina. Also the orifice were developed  from real vagina replicas which no penis sleeve can mimic. The fleshlight comes in different makes, this include the anus, mouth and vagina. Each product feels exactly like to orfice it resembles. All you have to do is choose your “sensation”.

The pink Lady Fleshlight
The so called original Fleshlight. Still the highest seller among male fleshlight users. This fleshlight resembles the vaginal lips. When used you can caress the lips and probe its depth. This toy will lead to intense orgasmic sensations. You will then know why this toy is the highest seller among all fleshlight toys.

The Pink Butt Fleshlight
This toy were developed to feel like you having anal sex with a women. With this toy you can live out your innermost fantasies. Even though having anal sex can be rewarding for men and women, some women prefer not to use it. With the Pink butt Fleshlight you can now experience the full anal sex feeling. This sextoy has been designed to be bit tighter and thus more intense in sensation. Most users have had only positive things to day about this toy.

The Pink mouth Fleshlight
As the name suggest this toy were created to to resemble the mouth of a female. This mouth produces sensations just like when a female are performing oral sex on your willy. Men is advised that using a male sex toy you need to use a sex lubricant. The lubricant of course creates glide environment and the lube also increase sensation depending on which sex lubricant you choose.

The Stealth fleshlight is literally the original fleshlight. This toy is easy to use and clean and can last for a long time if you take care of it. This toy provides all the pleasures of a normal fleshlight. Again it needs to be used a lubricant.